Opulence amongst poverty. Guilty pleasures

It’s our first trip to India, so we aren’t taking any chances with where we’re staying. The hotels are our insurance policy. Safe havens from the unknown. Sanctuaries from the visceral poverty we are expecting to see. But part of an Indian reality all the same. Once we  learn the ropes and become aquatinted the realities of being in modern India, we can downscale.

Delhi. The Imperial Hotel.

We are starting as we’d like to carry on, if we could afford to! Anyway, given that it’s our first time to India we are starting the trip with some unbridled luxury.

We have no idea what to expect when we arrive, so have booked a trip around the best parts of Old Delhi to break ourselves in gently. If it’s all too overwhelming we can escape back to a sanctuary of peace, cleanliness and luxury.

Once we’ve toughened ourselves up a bit we are staying in more authentic locations that won’t be so glamorous!

Varanasi. Shiva Ganges View.

This is our venue for the first couple of nights in Varanasi. Right on the banks of the holy River Ganges. Right in the heart of where it’s all happening. We’ve hired a local to show us around the best parts, trying to avoid the really touristy areas.


Varanasi. Nadaser Palace

In case the Shiva Ganges View is a little too authentic, another bolt hole of luxury.

Aman Homestay. Agra.

Time to hang out with a local family in Agra. Looking forward to meeting the family and getting some cooking tips! While we are in Agra the Taj Mahal visit is the obvious main attraction. But getting to know a few local people and fellow travellers will be interesting too.

Jaipur. Samode Haveli.

Jaipur is called the Pink City. Lots to do and see.

Samode. Samode Palace Hotel.

What can I say. It looks amazing. This is one of the most beautiful hotels in Rajasthan. It’s owned by the same people who own the Haveli, but this is up in the hills, so quieter and cooler. Only 43 rooms.

Shahpura. Shahpura Bagh Homestay

Our penultimate last stop is to hang out with a local Maharaja. He owns this home stay as well as the local village. Old colonial style. I hope that the village isn’t.

Udaipur. Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel

Our first couple of nights in Udaipur are here. On the banks of the lake, near the town.

Udaipur. Lake Palace

Not too much to say about this hotel. It is breathtaking. One of the best hotels in the world. A once in a lifetime experience. It’s where our trip comes to an end. And what a place to end it!


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