India Gate, New Delhi

After a night flight from Perth we landed in Delhi at 6am. Rather than booking straight into our hotel Sara had arranged for us to be picked up by a driver and guide, and we were straight into it! We didn’t want to do too much on day 1 so ended up choosing 2 places. India Gate and the Sikh temple.

I had some pre conceptions about India. Crammed with people, dirty, cows, old bycicles, traffic…New Delhi shattered those pretty quickly! Very open, very modern, very clean.

I’m not big on visiting tourist sights but I really did enjoy people watching at India Gate. The atmosphere was really relaxed and friendly. Indian people actually like having their photos taken!

Built to commemorate over 80,000 Indian lives lost in the First World War, India Gate is now a place where Indians go to enjoy the surrounding parks and take in the sights. Once what was The Kingsway is an avenue, along the lines of Pall Mall, that leads from the Gate, a few kilometres back up to to the Presidents Palace. The whole area, built by the British is on a really grand scale which is impressive. Big open spaces and really clean and well kept.

Click this link for some 360 degree views India Gate in 360 Degrees



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