A New Day In Varanasi

Dawn is magnificent. Pilgrims and locals saying thank you for a new day. They bathe, pray, wash themselves and their clothes in the sacred waters of Mother Ganga.




10 thoughts on “A New Day In Varanasi

  1. Images are beautiful.. If you are still in Varanasi and going to stay for 1 more day, try and capture the morning Ganga Aarti, as far as I remember it occurs at Dashashwamedha Ghat and yes the mornings of Varanasi are famous and known as Subah-e-Benaras 🙂

    What’s your next city?


      1. Hi! Pete, enjoy your Jaipur trip. I guess you’re referring to palladio. it’s a great place, the weather is pleasant in evening I’m sure you’ll have good time. If you’re looking for good place to have coffee, try curious life coffee in c scheme area. I am yet to write about this place. Feel free to get in touch


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