Better late than never! Chennai. A city in transition.

So far the trip has been a bit of a rush. We missed our connecting flight in Singapore so had to spend the night there.  Which meant only a day in Chennai. Now we are in Bangalore for a few days. We are working our way southwest through to Kerala via the Western Ghats.

Chennai is a big sprawl of a city. It’s very busy, with huge infrastructure projects giving the city the impression of being a huge building site. We stayed at the Taj Hotel in the city which was beautiful. The meal we had in their restaurant was spectacular. One of the best meals I’ve ever had. It’s a must if you are in the city. The service is outstanding too. The menu is very large but the waiters went out of their way to help us choose some amazing Southern Indian delights.

We had a quick look around parts of the older city with a guide. The flower market was heaving with people buying blooms for an upcoming festival. The colours were amazing. We love walking through the streets. It’s so vibrant with fascinating things to see all around you.


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